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Earn Income Online Too!
Online Survey Companies

You never have to pay to take a survey! That's right! A legitimate survey   
      company will never charge you to take a survey! THEY PAY YOU!  

      I've listed some of the companies where I am a panel member. Some
      companies prefer invitations be sent out from their website. If you'd like to
      receive these types of invitations, please email me your first name, last name,
      city, state, zip code, and email address. I have a strict privacy code. I will not
      sell, share, nor give away your personal information without your express
      consent! I will only give it to the survey company for the purpose of sending
      you an invitation to join as a panel member!

      Do you belong to a program not listed here? 
      Email me your url and I'll check it out!
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Best Value for 100 Calories

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     NEW! HCD Surveys
     This site uses points for each survey. Redeem the points for cash! 100 points  
     equals $1.00. Payout at 1000 points. When you join they pay you 100 points for 
     completing your profile. You will also earn 50 points ($.50) for each new member
     that joins using your referral link. Currently limited to U.S. residents, 18 or older.
     One member per household.

       Bellwether Surveys 

       Your complete surveys enter you into drawings for cash and prizes.. They also offer a referral program. Get 
       rewarded! Join today! :-)


      Global Test Market
I love this company! 1000 points equals $50.00! If you're unable to complete a survey you receive entries into a 
      daily and monthly contest. You must log in and request payment once you reach the payout. Payment is usually 30 
      days after the request.  I've been paid every time!!
      Ipsos iSay

     You could win $5,000 just for joining! You earn points for surveys that can later be turned in for cash!
     They have contests too!  An affiliate program is also available. Yes, I've been paid!

    Pinecone Research

    This site does not offer recruitment or affiliate programs from their website. 
    When they need new panel members, they use banner ads on various websites. 
    If you're lucky enough to run across one, (like my link above!) click on it. It may be your only chance 
    to be a panel member. :-)  They are GREAT! And pay well.
    Survey Spot

    This site pays both by cash and contest. I requested and received 
    payment for $177.00. Part of this was a test market project ($125) 
    the rest was for surveys. They do not pay automatically. You do 
    have to log in and request payment! Not every survey has a cash 
    reward but every survey does have a contest entry.
    Toluna (formerly known as Your2Cents)

    This site pays cash. You have to request payment when you want 
    your money. :-) As far as I can tell they don't have a referral program. 
    I recently requested payment for over $40 and got it!  
    SurveySavvy- Join Free! Get paid for your opinion!

    I've been a member of this survey company for a few years now.  
    NOTE: There's an advantage to getting people to sign up under you 
    so be sure to get your referral url and share it!! If you have a message
    board at your local supermarket, make some signs and put them up 
    with your referral url!!
    You get $2.00 for every person/friend that signs up under you and 
    does one survey!
    You get $1.00 for every person/friend that signs up under your friend
    and does a survey!
    Synovate Global Opinion Panel      

  • Register today to be entered into our Monthly Sign-up Sweepstakes 
    with over 200 winners monthly
  • Earn points redeemable for cash by taking surveys with the 
    Synovate Rewards Program
  • Refer a friend to earn even more points 

     American Consumer Opinion        

  • All registered members participate in a monthly drawing to win $250 
    in cash awards, just for being a member.
  • If you answer a screener (a short questionnaire), you will be entered 
    into a drawing for cash awards.*
  • If you participate in a survey (a longer questionnaire), you will always 
    receive some type of incentive (a free product to test, cash, a check, 
    or a gift).
  • Incentives typically range in value from $4 to $50, per survey or focus 
    group, depending upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it 
    takes to complete it. Simply fill out surveys for money. Participants in 
    online focus groups generally receive more than $25.


     I've made some good money from this one. You earn points for each 
     survey and then turn them in for cash or merchandise. 
     ePoll Surveys

     Collect points and cash in for gift cards. Takes a long time to gather 
     enough points though. Or at least it seems that way to me. lol
     Refer a Friend program.
     Buzz Back

     This one doesn't have a direct affiliate program that I know of. They do 
     pay cash for surveys though!
     Survey Spree
     Mostly entry into $1000 sweepstake but occasionally pays cash 
     rewards between $1 and $5 to PayPal. No referral program.
     Viewpoint Forum (limits you to 5 referrals. I've already got 5!)
     You collect points and then turn them in for cash! They've paid me every time!

     Mindfield Online

     Pays cash for surveys. Has a referral program... earn $1 per referral. Pay out is $5. YES, I've been paid!


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